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I am constantly looking to find parts guns. After I find them, I will identify what parts can be saved, clean them and list them. I do not take special orders because there is no saying what I will find. Check this page frequently as it will be updated whenever I find a new piece.

Have a vintage gun, or gun parts, that you would like to sell?


Vintage firearms are our passion.

We are always searching for old firearms to repair or refurbish. When we find a firearm that can be repaired we do, but often we find them in very poor condition. Over the years we, and many like us, have built up supplies of parts. The purpose of this site is to find parts for those looking to restore vintage weapons.

***There are several other good parts companies on the web. We will make every effort to work with these companies to provide the gunsmiths and hobbiest with quaily parts. If we don’t have a part and know where to get it, we will get you this information.***