Buying Process

What are we looking for?

We are looking for the old guns that are found in the backs of closets, and bottom drawers, all over the country. Grampa’s old rifle, shotgun or pistol might not have much value for you, but it does for us. We may only get a handful of useable parts from some guns, but they may be just what is missing, to restore a treasured family artifact.

Sometimes, it may not be easy to identify what you may have. Some parts may have been used by one manufacturer, for one model and only a couple of years. Some parts may be interchangeable across several manufacturers and many years. I have found boxes that contained parts from at least three different firearms.

We especially need magazines. Many old guns are missing their magazines and many people have magazines for guns they no longer have. If you know what gun a magazine came from, we may be able to offer more.

Gun action

Why sell your firearms to us?

Perhaps you have been told that the old, rusty or broken gun has no value. Well, that’s true if you can’t get it to someone who needs the parts. You can try to sell it yourself on Ebay and maybe someone who needs a part may be willing to buy the whole gun with the possibility that the part he needs is useable, most likely not.

We look for whole firearms, or parts, and create a database where people can find the parts they need. With any luck, we will find the parts to repair someone’s grandfather’s first rifle.

The parts come from some unusual places. We have a rifle that was found in a wall, during renovation. Why was this rifle put in a wall? It’s an old single shot 22 caliber that was kept like a time capsule. Unfortunately, the rifle and the other things stored with it were damaged by water, hence removing the wall.

What about the boxes of mixed parts. Maybe someone in your family took apart a gun trying to figure, what was wrong with it. Maybe, the gun was never put back together. Are all the pieces of the gun in that box? Are all the parts in that box to the same gun?

Can you tell what this piece is? Is it for a gun? What gun is it for? Is it in good condition?

For us, answering these questions are fun. You have got to love a good mystery.

Selling your firearms or parts?

Have something you think that might interest us or clearing out your collection?  Our buying process is simple!

  1. Please email a list of parts or firearms available, along with any photos you have.
  2. Red Castle will contact you with shipping information based upon description.
  3. Red Castle will provide shipping to and from our facility and will contact you within 7 days with a written estimate.
  4. Once our offer is accepted, Red Castle will send payment within 3 business days.

Please note:  Estimates are made based on external inspection only. No parts with be disassembled or modified prior to sale.  Proof of ownership must be provided before transaction can be completed.  If you do not accept Red Castle’s estimate for your gun/gun parts, Red Castle will mail all parts back to you within 3 business days.

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