Our Passion

Our passion is rescuing and restoring vintage firearms. Through many years of working on firearms, I have found that information on vintage firearms is often sparse or incomplete. The old masters who knew these firearms are gone, or are leaving us at an alarming pace. This database is designed to collect and save information on vintage firearms to make it available for future craftsmen. Sales of products, on this page, make it possible to add to the database.

Think of this as your resource page. It will incorporate as many photos and as much information as can be collected. If you have information to add, or believe something is incorrect, I encourage you to add your opinions. We believe knowledge has value. Verifiable information can lead to discounts or financial considerations.

The other companies that supply firearms parts are not my competition, they are our allies. I encourage you to use other sights as resources as well. There are far too few places to get firearms parts and information, we can not afford to lose any of these companies.