Notes on Materiel (U.S. Carbine)


Archived copy, of engineering notes, for the conversion M-1 Carbine to M-2 Carbine.

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This archive copy of, “NOTES ON MATERIEL, U.S. CARBINE, CALIBER .30 M-2 (T-4)”, is a fascinating piece of history. In 1993, the Michigan U.S. Carbine Collectors Association, donated an original printing to the Rock Island Arsenal Museum. The  collectors association commissioned the printing of 2500 copies for presentation to it’s members and for sale. Copies 1-100 were assigned to members of the Michigan collectors association. This copy (number 57) was presented to club member Homer Helter, by Senior Editor Chuck Osborne. The cover is stained but the pages are crisp and clean with raised carbine club stamps.