Wolff Gunsprings, (Colt 1911 and variants) Chrome Silicone Recoil Spring


Chrome Silicone



Recoil Springs

For Use in:   Colt 1911, 1911A1, 1991, Government, MKIV and Gold Cup models
Please see other caliber notes below

Recoil springs for Colt 1911 series pistols are available in both conventional and variable power designs. Each Wolff recoil spring for Colt pistols includes an extra power firing pin spring. Recoil Calibration Paks are available offering a range of spring weights to tune your pistols recoil function. All springs are produced from Wolff proprietary HTCS spring material except as noted.

The 3 most popular 1911 recoil springs are also available in chrome silicone material. While chrome silicone is an excellent material, it is a softer material and does not offer the tensile strength of our proprietary HTCS spring material (the material from which most of our springs are produced from). We now offer these spings due do customer requests.

   1. Factory rating for super .38 & 9mm is 14 Lbs.
2. Factory rating in .40 S&W is 19 Lbs.
3. Factory rating for the Colt .38 Spl. Midrange is 14 Lbs.
4. Factory rating for the Colt Ace .22 conversion is 14 Lbs.

Additional information

Reduced, Standard, Extra Power

Reduced Power 14 LB., Standard Power 16 LB., Extra Power 18.5 LB.